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20 Tips to Starting Your Own Virtual Summit

4th June 2020 Business

Today, I would like to share with you 20 tips to starting your own virtual summit. What is a virtual summit? A virtual summit is an engaging and collaborative online event that involves interviewing speakers by a host who is usually the person that sets up the summit. For people who want to generate leads and convert them into sales, a virtual summit is one of the best ways to do so.

Of course, this kind of events will help you engage more audiences, as a result, earn more money online

Tip 1. Host your very own virtual summit!

Expect to create a list of warm leads for your business. These warm leads can lead to customers. Grow your database, or create a more robust, engaged list of potential buyers.

Tip 2. Your business will benefit from a virtual summit.

Turn a virtual summit into a successful marketing tool that is imperative to your business. Think about the benefits of being one step ahead of the (marketing) game.

Tip 3. There are so many amazing benefits to hosting a virtual summit!

Raise your profile and visibility and become an expert in your industry.

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Tip 4. Expand your network and create new opportunities for your business.

By immersing yourself in new networks and audiences, doors will open to new forms of publicity. Including podcasts, Q&As, and guest blogging!

Tip 5. Make money from the comfort of your own home!

Create multiple lines of revenue, whether it be all-access passes (VIP), affiliate promotions, sponsorships, a cost to speak. You can recommend memberships, offers, courses. You’ll find new exciting ways of accumulating income before, throughout, and after the process of your virtual summit.

Tip 6. Select your speakers and sign them up.

Choose influencers that resonate with you, who you find interesting, and ultimately will add value to your topic, industry, or niche.

Tip 7. Create a robust sales funnel for capturing leads and sales.

The sales funnel will be in stages, with each call to action a step closer to the sale. It is ok if people would like to attend for free, they have that option too. After all, the free option will be a lead magnet within your marketing campaign. You will still capture their email address and attendees have the option to pay for an all-access pass during the summit.

Tip 8. All-access membership page.

Attendees that purchased an all-access pass will need logins to the membership site. Access to this page should be made available the day after the summit closes. The membership page is set up for paid attendees to access the summit in their own time following the event.

Tip 9. What is your ‘offer’?

For example:

a) The offer is the all-access pass.

b) The offer is the all-access pass if an attendee purchases your product, service, or training.

Tip 10. Invest in high-quality tech equipment.

Set yourself up with a decent microphone, webcam, video recording software, image and graphic software, and email automation.

Tip 11. Don’t forget to plan your content.

Content is King, if you’re a woman read this as Content is Queen.

Tip 12. How do you get influencers to speak at your virtual summit?

The single most persuasive reason for someone to speak at your virtual summit is to boost their exposure to fresh audiences as a thought leader in the industry.

Tip 13. Lock in the experts!

Do not be afraid to line up controversial speakers or influencers, if it’s tightly connected to your niche, topic, or industry.

Tip 14. Get yourself a virtual assistant.

They can follow up on emails, share important information, and be the gatekeeper.

Tip 15. Engaged subscribers are the ones that really count.

Success is not necessarily measured by the number of subscribers you have.

Tip 16. What about sponsorship?

Businesses may wish to become sponsors of your event through financial support in exchange for publicity.

Tip 17. Do not give in to self-doubt.

That little voice that tells you that you cannot achieve great things

When self-doubt starts to creep in, remember, you can do this!

Tip 18. Expect the unexpected and don’t overpromise or commit.

Remain transparent with your speakers, ensure you have a healthy and achievable timeframe.

Tip 19. Understand your audience.

Market to the right people, an audience who will want to buy from you.

Tip 20. Execute a virtual summit that you would like to attend.

Create value, education, and information that your attendees will be talking about for days, weeks, months, or even years after.

I have just shared with you 20 tips so that you can be confident having your first virtual summit.

I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.