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20 Ways to Grow an Email List for your Business

15th June 2020 Business,Tools for Business

Are you ready to learn 20 ways that will help you to grow your email list? Making an email list is important for your business. It is not simply to make sales but to establish a trustworthy and strong relationship with your customers via emails.

I personally have tried all the techniques below and have seen great results, that’s why I wanted to create this post to help you grow your email lists. Just take a pen to note my following tips.

1. Get a Good Autoresponder

Your autoresponder will handle your email list and provide you with tools for capturing emails and creating messages.

2. Use Double Opt-In

This will help to prevent spam and ensure that people on your list really want to be there. This is extremely important.

3. Allow Unsubscribe

Likewise, you should make it as easy as possible for people to leave your email list when they are through.

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4. Promote Your List

Don’t just leave your form on your page and hope people sign up – actively talk about it and promote it.

5. Create a Magnet

A giveaway can act as an incentive for people to sign up.

6. Don’t Make It Too “Good”

If your giveaway offers too much value, people will wonder what the “catch” is. It might also cannibalize sales of actual products!

7. Learn to Write Subjects

Subject lines are the key to getting people to open your messages. They also help you stay out of the spam bin!

8. Don’t Be Tricky

Don’t try and trick people into opening your messages. There are techniques you can use to make your emails sound important or urgent even – but don’t abuse this power.

9. Use Personalized Messages

Incorporate the name of your recipient in the subject line to help it stand out.

10. Offer Value

Most important of all is to ensure your emails all offer some value – so people want to open the next one!

11. Be Consistent

Send your emails on a consistent basis and ensure you don’t go cold.

12. Look at Open Rates

Watch which emails get opened, and by who. Learn the best time to send and the best style.

13. Delete Unengaged Users

This is called list hygiene and it is a good practice.

14. Filter for Spam

Likewise, make sure that any dead email addresses are removed. This kind of list hygiene ensures your audience is highly engaged… and human!

15. Make It a Movement

Make joining your list sound exciting. Describe your subscribers as VIPs!

16. Promote in Your Sidebar

You can promote your list in your site’s sidebar. Many WordPress plugins let you do this easily. Now your list is promoted on every page of your website!

17. Never Buy Emails

This is a cheap tactic that can actually result in a list that is highly untargeted and that results in your address being blacklisted.

18. Combine With Facebook Marketing

Facebook has many tools that work very well hand-in-hand with email marketing campaigns. This will allow you, for example, to contact people on Facebook that also belong to your mailing list.

19. Warm Up Leads

Don’t try to sell to these leas cold. Use your emails to gradually warm them up.

20. Create a Course

One excellent way to get people to join your mailing list is to use a series of set emails in order to provide free training. This also works extremely well as part of a sales funnel to sell a bigger product.

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Using some of these 20 ways will help you grow your email list. You can choose some of them or combine them for better results. I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.