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7 illegal Ways to Make Money Fast. Do not try this!

Disclaimer/Warning: This is not an article giving you ideas to do illegal stuff.  It’s an article to show you exactly what is illegal and what you shouldn’t do to make money fast. I don’t recommend doing this stuff, because a lot of ways out there to make money legally. Even though you might make a lot of money illegally with these methods,  but it’s not worth the consequences in my opinion.

Seven different ways to make a ton of money. The only catch is that these methods are illegal. You are not supposed to do these because you are not in Grand Theft Auto game; this is real life. I highly recommend you don’t try these methods at home, at your workplace or anywhere else you are located on this earth.

Again, there are pros and there are cons, but at the end of the day, it is still illegal and you can still face consequences that may put you in jail.

So, with that said,  I’m going to break down seven different ways you can make money illegally and I’m going to show you guys the pros and the cons of these methods.

1.  Tax Evasion

Now number one is actually tax evasion. You might say, “no one does this”, but surprisingly a lot of people out there, especially cash businesses do this all the time, where they report less money then they actually made and they save a lot of money on taxes this way.

Now, you may say, what is the pro? and what is the con? 


Let’s say, for example, you made $100,000 this year, but it was cash. So the IRS can’t track that cash. However, you report only $40,000 in income.  This way you get to keep the $60,000 tax-free for yourself.

That sounds great. It sounds amazing. But the con is…


Con # 1

The con is that if you want to go get an apartment or a real estate property, they probably won’t accept you because you are reported less money then you made, so you can’t really qualify for it, even though you’re making enough money to justify actually trying to apply for that property or a rental.

Con # 2

If you got caught by the IRS, you will get a felony charge. You also get up to five years in prison and if you are an individual, will you get up to $200,000 in fine, and on top, the IRS will charge you 20% more on the taxes that you owe. On top of all this, let’s not forget that if you are a business at Cashman’s doing this, you’ll get a fine of up to $500,000.

So again, a lot of businesses do this. Business, that I personally don’t know.

So is this worth it? The answer is no way. You don’t want to mess with the IRS. You want to make sure you report everything. I’m personally scared of Uncle Sam, okay!

2. ATM Fraud

So lately, credit card companies, debit card company’s and online banks have been offering reimbursements on ATM fees.

So, you have to own an ATM machine for this, this is actually easy to own an ATM machine.  I will write a separate article on that another time.

So, here’s how this scam works. People out there..somewhere.These people have multiple other people make accounts with people and banks that actually give you reimbursements and the set a really high sub-charge fee on there ATM, meaning that the ATM might charge you $2 turns, but you own the ATM machine, so let’s make it $10, when you use the card will charge $10 fee but you’re going to be reimbursed to process every time someone uses the A.T.M.


Well, you get the money, quick, 10 bucks, or 20 bucks whatever you are going to set it to and they get the money reverts back to back to the accounts. So what’s happing here is that the money is just being recycled over and over and over again.


If you got caught then this would be called a form of money laundering. So you might be a call from the FBI, and you might have some explaining to do.

Just to clarify, this is an act of using ATM reimbursements.

So, you an ATM. Get the money back. Put the money back inside. Use it again to get the money back outside. And the person with the ATM would keep all those fees. 

And if you own the ATM, you can probably do this, too. But again if you do this you might get a call from the FBI because it looks a lot like money laundering. So please again do it.

3. Money Laundering

So, money laundering is the act of when person A has a business and it’s making illegal money aside, and that put that money into the business and create fake client’s and then they charge themselves money and report it into taxes and now that money is clean.


For example, If you get a cartel to actually run the money past your business and you make a lot of money like that.

Well, you might make a lot of money. Yes. And that money might be clean to spend. Yes.

And if you are a first time offender, you got one year in jail and a misdemeanor. But if you are a repeat offender then you actually get up to 35 years in prison in prison.

Now, you might be thinking…No one does this.  But, in reality, around $1.5 trillion dollars are laundered every single year in the United States of America [Source: United Nation].

4. Buying and re-selling stolen iPhones & iCloud

Now you might tell me, that’s not true. “I know people out there that buy iPhones with iCloud all the time.  That it’s easy to buy it on eBay”

My answer is this; Imagine you buy a stolen iPhone 11 plus which has been reported stolen, and you buy it for $100.

Now the thing is if that person has “Find my iPhone” feature on and reported to the cops, told the cops where the phone is, and the cops come to you and you tell the Cop that someone sold me and they’ll say like, “Hey, we don’t care, because it’s you that bought the stolen phone.

You’re in big trouble, sir. So the problem is this, okay? You might make a ton of money by buying and reselling stolen phones with iCloud, which is very lucrative.

However, if you get caught, you might go to jail and you might face charges for stealing.

Now, you might be asking…how did they get the iCloud off the phone? Well, I’ll tell you right now because it’s happened to me in the past also, but I never fell for it.

In the past, I’ve lost an iPhone 7+ with had an iCloud on it. So every now and then, I would get emails to my email address that said something like.. “Hey, you know, we found your iPhone and you need to sign in.”

So, what is going on here is that, there are people that are 100% dedicated to tricking people to sign in to there account through these kinds of emails and if you log in through one of these emails, they will get your login information and unlock your stolen phone.

4. Identity Theft

So, these are some of the most complicated criminals in the world. Why? Because they go in the dark Web, they get your information. To them, it doesn’t really matter, because even if we use the information there are cover because it really wasn’t the victim.

So don’t worry about it. We can justify because in reality, we might get money from them. But it doesn’t hurt them because they have identity theft liability protection.

But in reality, it is still super legal. So please don’t do this at all.


You’re able to grasp the identity from the dark Web or by someone else out there and you make an I.d. 

They make an ID with their face on it and all of the victim’s information on the other side and they go into  T-Mobile store, Best Buys and they use a credit card that they took out on your name and then use the cash to buy whatever they want


If you get caught the first time. You will get around one year in jail and a misdemeanor. If you get caught a second time you get a felony, and seven years in prison.

Now you want to make sure you don’t do this at all.  The risk is way too high is not worth it.

6. Claim someone else’s kids on your taxes (False Dependent) 

Now, this is a very common one out there and people do this all the time. You might know someone who does this as well. So, some people out there claim other people’s kids on their taxes.


You get to claim somebody else’s kids. Now you got three $3K tax credits and now you’re rolling in money for the entire month of January, which is great.


But if you do get caught, the IRS will charge you 20% more of what you have all of them. On top of that, they will give you three years in prison and also a fine of up to $250,000.

So is it worth it ask me? My answer is NO. I rather just claim my own kids and people that actually depending on me.

You might get away once or twice. But when the IRS audits the heck out of you, it’s not going be worth it.  Just stay away from the illegal things involved with the IRS.

So we are now on number 7, and you are probably thinking that this might be the craziest way to make money and you might be right because number 7 is…

7. You actually trying out these methods 

Now, you might have taken a piece of paper and written down notes from this article, or saved it so you can check it out later or when needed or shared it on your social media so you can view it later if needed. Just so you can try some of these things out.


The pro is, you might get away with making 100k a month or something like that.


You might go to jail and you might not be able to visit our website Make Money Online and view all the great guides and information we post on how to make money in a legal way.
For example, just check out this article on 18 ways to make money online fast.
So again, do not try these methods.

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