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How to Make Millions on TikTok and Prime Time Social app

19th April 2020 Make Money

Unless you’ve been living under a rock. You’ve probably heard about Vine and how some vine stars took their vine success and translated it into becoming multi-millionaire. And around that same time, Instagram also exploded in popularity, and some early adopters of the platform grew huge followings and ended up making millions of dollars. 

In this article, I want to dive much deeper into the actual business aspect of TikTok and Prime Time Social apps and talk about how some people and even some teenagers are making millions of dollars and we’re going to talk about how you might be able to do the same thing.

Note: A little known secret app is called Prime Time Social Entertainment.  It’s newer then TikTok, but people are going “Prime Time” by uploading there Instagram and TikTok videos on the Prime Time app and starting to make a lot of money on the Prime Time social app.  Make sure to download this app as well and start posting content, so you can be an early adopter of this app and rack in millions of dollars.

Well now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sensing a theme here. Normally, the only types of videos you see about TikTok on YouTube are reacting to cringe-worthy videos of people dancing or lip sinking.
You’re either going to capitalize right now or you’re going to miss out forever. Like many people, including myself, missed out on early YouTube days, early Instagram days and early Vine days. And for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year or so. 
The two-second summary of TikTok is basically China convincing American Children to willingly give their private information so that China can monetize us all. Okay, I’m kidding. But with over 500 million monthly active users, Tic tac cannot be ignored.

On the flip side, Prime Time has over 1 Million+ active users and is an American owned company that started only in 2019. This is as early as you are going to get! So this is your chance.

One of the coolest parts about these apps is that right now it’s still possible to go viral because at this point going viral on Instagram is pretty much next to impossible because the Instagram ecosystem has matured.

Since TikTok and Prime Time are still new enough, that it has something called “organic reach potential”. That means, your chances of actually creating something like a video or a clip that goes viral are significantly higher than doing it on Instagram or Youtube.

Now the biggest drawback that people constantly talk about when they talk about TikTok is the fact that their users are so young with the average age of a TikTok user between 12 and 16 years old. So if you have a business and like most businesses, you need to sell things to make money.  This is true about TikTok, but it is changing slowly.

On the flip side, the average age of Prime Time users ranges from 18 – 35 years old! As I said, Prime Time could be the golden opportunity, if you decide to take action.  It’s early and it’s time to start posting your content on Prime Time Social app and start growing your following.

So how the heck can you, who is just getting started out on these apps can actually capitalize on this trend and start making a bunch of money?

The first and obvious method is going viral on these apps.

1. Go Viral on these apps! But, how to do this? 

Well, the best way to go viral is to look at how other people go viral and see if you can emulate that virality for yourself.  There are some very obvious trends of what types of videos get significantly more views and shares and likes and comments on these apps versus other types of content.

You need to have interesting content and you have to follow the two most important rules.

  1. Rule number one is that “You must be attractive”.
  2. Rule number two, “don’t be unattractive”.

Okay, I’m kidding. Well kind-off.  But obviously, being attractive does help you go viral and if you think I’m wrong then wake up because you’re wrong,

But even though you’re wrong I still respect your opinion, but only if you are attractive. But seriously though, the best way to go viral on these apps is to look at the other creators who go viral and see what types of tips and strategies and content creation ideas you can get from those viral creatives.  For example:

  1. What types of videos do they create?
  2. What is included in their thumbnails?
  3. How do they actually record the videos?
  4. How do they hook their users?
  5. Are they using music?

Look at all the little things and don’t be an observer, be a researcher and then actually use those same little strategies and tactics and tricks you find from those viral creators in the content that you produce for your TikTok or Prime Time channel.

The most viral recent Tick-Tock. ER is a teenage girl named Charlie, who basically blew up from complete obscurity in a very short time period and now is one of the most viewed TikToker on their platform.

Now, I’m not saying this is the only way to go viral on these apps, but she’s a perfect example of somebody who went from a zero to incredibly viral overnight and now she’s getting featured on Gary V and starting to transition her content from Tik-Tok into a more monetizable platform such as YouTube, in the form of vlogs.

The truth is if you can go viral on TikTok or Prime Time app, then there are a million ways that you can monetize that virality.

Another example is Logan Paul. Love him or hate him. He went from wild success on Vine and transitioned into YouTube and just recently made tens of millions of dollars in a boxing match and it all started from a 15-second video of him slipping on a banana on Vine. The truth is the only 100% guarantee there is that if you don’t ever try to make content or try to go viral, you’ll never find any success.

So make Tik-Tok videos and upload your TikTok and Instagram videos on Prime Time app similar to other popular creators and then transition your audience from these apps into a more monetizable platform such as YouTube so that you can make a bunch of money like Logan Paul.

Because these are fairly new apps. That means there are not as many season creators that you have to compete with which means it’s much easier to actually get organic traction, compare to apps such as Instagram or YouTube where it’s much harder to actually grow organically.

2. TikTok and Prime Time on YouTube

You can see a lot of fairly toxic looking videos about TikTok.

TikTok memes and take our complications and basically what people are doing is scouring all the most popular creators on TikTok and actually mixing all of those people’s content into essentially what’s called a highlight reel for people that prefer to watch that type of content on YouTube.

So how much money these people are making with this method?

Well, it’s pretty crazy because of how these works is…

  1. You upload videos of TikTok’s.
  2. Once you get enough watch time and enough views
  3. Qualify your channel for monetization on YouTube.
  4. You get paid every single time someone watches an ad on your video.

But if you’re making the bottom of the barrel Tick-Tock compilations and meme reviews for eleven-year-olds then you might only make $1,000 for a billion video, but even if you’re making only a thousand dollars per million views, you can still make pretty stupid money doing this.

Literally dumb money.

Which is honestly the best type of money.

So we searched TikTok videos on YouTube you’ll see that a lot of these videos that have 350k+ views in a single day. But some of these have 7-8 billion views.

This is the best TikTok compilations channel. This person obviously knows exactly what’s up. So if they got 11 million views in two months, that means they’ve made at least eleven thousand dollars just in the last two months just from this one video, but if they’re CPM is higher, which it may well be then and they might have made 22 thousand dollars over the last two months, just from his one video.

If you go to there channel, you can see that they’re posting a video every single day. This one has 47+ million views, so if they made a thousand dollars per million views, that means this one video made 47 thousand dollars just from a single 5-minute long video, which is pretty awesome.

But remember these channels didn’t just upload a single video and call it a day. They uploaded a ton of videos and most importantly they did it consistently because it’s not going to be possible to just upload a single video and capitalize and get all that money.

The number one key to success and I don’t care what anyone says. Consistency is needed for success.

So anyway, these are the best ways you can make Millions through TikTok and Prime Time Social app.