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How to Make Money Online by Coloring Images For FREE - New 2020 Make Money Online Strategy

15th May 2020 Make Money,Work From Home

Do you want to learn how to make money online by coloring images for free?

It is as simple as that, and you will need only one tool that makes black and white photos colorized, and here you will learn how to make money using that simple software and where you will be paid for coloring photos. Ready?

In summary, the three steps that you need to follow to earn money by coloring images are:

  1. Find Black and White Images
  2. Color Images
  3. Sell Your Works & Offer Your Services

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Find Black and White Images

So the first step is to find black and white images that you are going to color. Where can you get black and white photos for free?

If you come to a website Pexels, you will see great black and white photos that you can use at the beginning totally for free. It is a good start to find images for your first projects.

STEP 2. How to Color Images

Bookmark the following tool because you are going to use it a lot. So the software that you will use to color images is called ColouriseSG. Here you can upload and color photos that you find on Pexels even without creating an account. 

Result of Coloring the Image

Here is how your image will look like after coloring it with ColouriseSG.

One more tool that I want you to know better is Coloring images is not the only technique that you can earn money with. If you check freelancer platforms, you will see that background removal is another way of making money, and people are actually charging money for that.

So is a platform where you basically can remove backgrounds of photos. As for a free account, you get 1 free credit, but a subscription plan is not that expensive, only $0.30 per image with an average plan. 

Another tool that does the same job is Picmaker. It is a 100% free tool comparing with the above alternative, and here you also can remove the background of any photo. 

STEP 3. Sell Your Works & Offer Your Services

It is time when you start actually making money. You have colored a few images and removed the backgrounds of photos as well. Those samples can work for your portfolio. 

So, where actually can you charge money for your work?

1. The platform called Fiverr allows you to post your service and start earning money for these kinds of works.

2. Another platform where you can create a gig right now and offer your services is SEOClerks is a great platform to make extra money online. Again, the same process, create your gig and start earning by coloring photos and removing backgrounds.

Following those three easy steps will help you to start earning money online by coloring images. What can be easier, right? 

I hope this information helps you. Please share this make money online strategy with your family, friends, and social media.