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Make Money Online by Shorting URL and using Free Digital Products (Available Worldwide)

31st May 2020 Make Money

I am going to share with you a new money-making strategy that doesn’t require minimum computer skills from you, and you can do it worldwide. 

In this strategy, you don’t need any website to start making money online. 

In summary, the four steps that will help you earn money per click are:

STEP 1. Sign Up for

STEP 2. Sign Up for

STEP 3. Get a Link of a Product

STEP 4. Create an Instagram Page (Free Strategy)

STEP 4. Promote Your Link by Influencers (Paid Strategy)

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Sign Up for

Sign up for this website where you can enter a URL. On this platform, you can shorten any URL, and if someone clicks on it, two or three not spammy ads pop up, and you are going to be paid between $20 to $30 per thousand views or clicks on that link.

Just to show you that people really make money every minute on, look at the proof below.

earning proofs

After the registration, go to the dashboard and click over ‘New Shorten Link’. When you want to shorten any link, it will create a new one, but to get to that first page, people will see ads, so you are paid that people see those ads. It is as simple as that. However, one or two views are not going to get you anything, you need thousands of views.

STEP 2. Sign Up for

There you are going to create a bridge page where you can host your link because many social media platforms ban this kind of links, so it is a great way to bypass that. Signing up for is completely free. When you sing in, you will have access to your landing page.

There you can edit your page, add content, etc.

STEP 3. Get a Link of a Product

What I advise that you go to the site called, it is a website where you can download free e-book recipes and more, and, for example, I downloaded a book called ‘Supercharge Your Body‘ and uploaded it to my Google Drive. 

You can choose any e-book, download it, and you will get a zip file. Click on ‘Share’ and copy a link of that e-book.

Now you want to come back to and shorten it. Now, when people want to download that e-book, they will first see ads, but then they can download an e-book for free.

You want to post that shorten link on your account, your landing page. Add the title of a book, add a link, and a description, and publish.

Now you have your landing page with an e-book link published there.

STEP 4. Create an Instagram Page (Free Strategy)

What you should do next is to create an Instagram page. When I was trying this strategy, I created an Instagram page with some general content and added a link from to my bio where I already had a link to the e-book.

You can create your Instagram page in any niche and repost other people’s viral posts, give them credits.

You can use a tool like Postearly that will actually automate your Instagram page.

They also have a free plan where you can post 30 posts a month automated and some basic for only $4, and it allows you to connect 4 accounts with unlimited posting.

Otherwise, you should grow your page manually, use popular hashtags, and post two-three times a day.

Next, post your link from to the bio on Instagram, now every time when someone wants to go and download your e-book and sees the ads, you will get paid.

However, this can take a while until you get real traffic to your newly created Instagram page. 

STEP 4. Promote Your Link by Influencers (Paid Strategy)

I also want to share with you a paid strategy because in this way you don’t need to wait much to get paid.

Go to the website called ShoutCart, and only for $10 or $20 you can find an in influencer with the audience of thousands or millions of followers who can promote your link, and you will get thousands of views as I told you before.

Of course, if you found an e-book about recipes like I did, you should look for an influencer in Food & Nutrition niche because, otherwise, nobody is going to open your link.

Look, you can find some good pages with the target audience. You should go to Instagram and check their statistics, how many likes, comments there are under each post, etc.

You need an influencer with a good engagement rate.

Once, you found an influencer, send them a direct message asking to make a swipe-up story with a free e-book that will help people and other benefits of an e-book you have found. 

On Canva, you can actually create a nice professional swipe-up video story for Instagram that your influencer will post. 

So, you send them a video and a link to your page. After your video is posted on an influencer’s page, you are getting traffic to your link. Then you are getting paid per click.

So you have just learned another great money-making strategy that will help you make money online.

Choose if you want to wait to get your audience first, or you can spend $10 to get hundreds of dollars online by using the paid strategy method mentioned above.

I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.