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Learn How to Make Money Online with Google Slides (Available Worldwide)

28th May 2020 Make Money

I am going to tell you how to make money online utilizing Google Slides. It is a simple strategy that will help you make something from hundreds to thousands of dollars every single day.

STEP 1. Find a Product to Promote

The first thing you need to do is to find a product that you will promote. There is a number of different platforms that you can do that, you can even go to Amazon and review products with this, or you can come to Clickbank, for example, which is one of the world’s market leaders in different types of affiliate products.

You can also go to ShareASale and get a whole range of different types of products to promote with this strategy to make money online.

STEP 2. Get the Information about Your Product

I personally use Clickbank, so I will tell you about it. There, you can go to ‘Marketplace’ where you can find different types of products. Go there and check all types of products. For example, I found a product from the Health & Fitness category called Keto Diet. 

The average price per sale is almost $46. Click on ‘Promote’ and get a generated “hoplink” of the product. When someone purchases a product through that link, you will make money online.

clickbank link

Click on the product page, and you will see a whole description of the product, why it is so useful, etc. Check the information about the product you are going to promote.

Also, go to the ‘Affiliate Page’, and this page is going to give a whole range of different resources so that you can execute that strategy. Every product has an affiliate page, and they will help you promote your product.

Where you should go next is ‘Email Swipes’, this is where you go when you want to promote your product via email. When you are promoting a product via email, every single email is trying to sell that product, and it is giving a lot of benefits about that product.

Simply download the ‘Email Swipes’ for that product, and you will get ready emails.


The example email screenshot above is an email template about the benefits of Keto Diet that I have found on Clickbank. You need to copy the information about the benefits of a product you will promote. Simply copy and paste.

STEP 3. Create a Presentation on Google Slides

Come over Google Slides where you are going to create a presentation. Make a title of the first slide mentioning a product name, in my case ‘Custom Keto Diet’.

Then click on the ‘+’ sign to add another slide, and here you are going to paste the information about the benefits that is already written in Email Swipes.

Also, add the following line ‘Click on the link in the description for more info’.


So, you should keep doing it for every email, for every benefit, simply copy and paste all the information in the presentation. On every slide, write a line to encourage people to click on the link of a product.

You can check how your presentation slide will look like by clicking on ‘Present’ at the top-right corner of the screen.

STEP 4. Record Your Presentation Slide Show with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free screen recording software that can record an entire screen. When you download this software, you will see the option ‘Start Recording’ meaning that you can record your screen. 

Once you start recording, go back to your presentation on Google Slides and record a slide show. You can crop it later.

STEP 5. Set Up a Youtube Channel

You also need to add some music to your video, and you can come over your Audio Library once you set up a Youtube channel. On the Audio Library, you will find many different music clips that you can use absolutely for free.

You can search for genres, moods, instruments, and duration.

STEP 6. Download vidIQ

You should download vidIQ. This powerful software will show you what other people are doing to have many views and rank their videos on Youtube, and you can simply mirror and copy exactly the same.

STEP 7. Upload Your Video to Youtube

Now you are ready for the final step of this strategy, and it is uploading your video on Youtube. Create all the tags, and don’t forget to add an affiliate link of your product in the description under a video.

Note: If you don’t know how to setup your Youtube Channel then check out this post, where we teach you how to setup a YouTube channel.

You have just learned the amazing strategy that helps people make money online by using Google Slides and by only copying and pasting the information that is already well-written and has a clear call-to-action.

I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.