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$650 Daily From PDF Files (FREE) - Worldwide! (*New* 2020 Money Making Strategy)

25th May 2020 Make Money,Work From Home

I want to share with you a brand new method where you can make big money online from PDF files for absolutely free and worldwide.

This strategy is great:

  • If you are a beginner.
  • If you want to get paid daily.
  • If you have no experience.

How much money can you earn by this method?

If you upload 1 PDF file, you can earn $5, 15 PDF files equal $75, and if you upload 30 PDF files, you earn $150. You can repeat this method as many times as you want, and it is absolutely free.

In summary, the four steps of how to make money from PDF files are:

  1. Create an Account on Payhip
  2. Find an E-book on Free PLR Downloads
  3. Add a Product to Payhip
  4. Connect Your Payment Information

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Create an Account on Payhip

Payhip is a place where you can sell digital downloads and memberships. You can actually promote other different e-books on this website. Payhip is free, and you can access all the features and unlimited products and revenue, but it takes away 5% of the transaction fees.

So go to the main page and click on ‘Get started free’ an create an account on Payhip. 

STEP 2. Find an E-book on Free PLR Downloads

On this website, you can find a lot of different categories, different e-books, software, videos, etc, and different niches. All of the digital downloads are available for free. You don’t need to create anything yours, you can simply go to that website and find the PLR or MRR product you want to sell.

You should choose a niche that is not so competitive, for example, a relationship niche, and find a book that you think will be selling the best. Just download it for free.

STEP 3. Add a Product to Payhip

Once you found an e-book and once you downloaded it, go back to Payhip, and log in. When you are in, go to ‘Products’ at the top of the menu bar and add your downloaded e-book. 

On the site, you can add digital, physical, or subscription products of maximum 5GB. E-books belong, of course, to digital products. Then enter your price, image, and description of your product that you can also download and copy from Free PLR Downloads,.

It is important that you rename your PDF file, add something like a guide, book, tutorial, manual, etc, just make sure you changed the original name.

I also found out that $5 is the best price to get started, and the reason is that it is not too expensive and not too cheap.

After finishing uploading your file, you can view how your product page will look like, and you will get a link to it so that you can also promote on social media.

STEP 4. Connect Your Payment Information

Make sure that you connect your payment information so that you can actually receive your money. Go to your Account Settings and provide all the required information. You can either connect to PayPal or Stripe to receive money via bank transfer. Now you can start earning money.

You just learned one more way of making money online by uploading PDF files. 

I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.