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Make Money with GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER - Up to $500

23rd May 2020 Make Money,Work From Home

Could you ever imagine that it is possible to make money online with your browser?  In fact, it is easy, free, and you don’t need to possess any supernatural skills. I personally use the Google Chrome browser, so throughout this money-making method I will be using the Google Chrome Browser.

How much money can you earn?

Simply by following this tutorial, you will be able to make $5-$10 if you use and browse on just one website. When you browse on 5 websites using Google Chrome, your earnings can be $25-$50, and, finally, 10 websites equal $50-$500

What’s great about this method os that it’s totally free and it’s available worldwide. 

In summary, the five steps that you should follow to make money with Google Chrome Browser are:

  1. Go to Ferpection
  2. Sign Up as a Tester
  3. Start the Mission
  4. Write a Feedback
  5. Get Paid

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Go to Ferpection

The website where you are going to make money is called Ferpection. It is a platform where you give your opinion on mobile sites and applications and are paid for that.

How does it work? You will visit different sites and apps using your phone, doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android, then send feedback about your whole experience, and wait till Ferpection moderators review it. That’s all!

STEP 2. Sign Up as a Tester

The first thing that you should do it to register. Click on Become a Tester and complete the registration. You can do it either with your email or a Facebook account.

After a quick signup, you will have an opportunity to choose a new mission that refers to a website you are going to browse. You will have choices for desktop, Android, or iPhone depending on what platforms need feedback.

Moreover, you will get 2 dollars free as a bonus for your signup.

Read carefully about your mission and steps you will need to follow during your work. They all may differ as each site will require you to check different things.

STEP 3. Start the Mission

Before you start your work, Ferpection will show you a reminder on their expectations of your work. So, you should:

  • Write only complete sentences
  • Write feedback that contains only one idea
  • Provide at least one feedback per step
  • Report at least two problems
  • Mark one problem as important

Providing all the above information will guarantee you a payment for your feedback.

STEP 4. Write a Feedback

 what kind of feedback does Ferpection need from you? 

A feedback is a screenshot with a clear written description. Again, it doesn’t matter whether your feedback is positive or negative.

Here is the list of all steps that you need to follow to write a feedback on any site or application:

  • First, spend some time browsing a website or an application.
  • Take a screenshot and upload it to Ferpection. It is going to be proof that you really visited a website or an application.
  • Choose if your feedback is negative (a problem) or positive (a compliment).
  • Give a title to your feedback.
  • Describe your experience.
  • Click on This feedback is one of the most important for me.“. If you remember that mak one problem as important is a must-do.
  • Go to the next step where you can write about a new problem or a compliment and do the same.
  • On the final stage, you will receive a notification if you have fulfilled all the requirements like 4 feedback, 2 problems, and 1 marked as important.
  • Review all your feedback and finish the mission.

    Example Feedback

    Now let’s imagine that you have to write a feedback on the IKEA website.

    • You visited the website, took a screenshot, and uploaded it to Ferpection.
    • Maybe you didn’t like everything and choose that your feedback is negative, and you want to talk about a problem.
    • The title of your feedback is “Clarify what the IKEA website has to offer”.
    • Then you want to describe your experience, and you can do it in the following way:
      “The first 3 things I see on the homepage are: cookies information, a shy display about sales happening now, and some cryptic question about armchairs. None of that is useful to me if I come to the website and want to buy some furniture. The sales announcement might be good but it’s so tiny that I don’t dare to click on it.”.
    • After submitting one feedback, you have to do 3 more to have 4 feedback in total.
    • Do it in the same way and remember that within 4 feedbacks, you should write about 2 problems and mark one as important.
    • Finish your mission.

    STEP 5. Start Earning Money

    When you submitted your feedback, it will be reviewed by moderators, and if you fulfilled all the requirements, you will receive money.

    There are two ways how you can withdraw your earnings. You can get paid by bank transfer PayPal or by Amazon Gift Cards at the end of each month. In case you earn more than 100 euros, Ferpection will ask an invoice from you.

    Simply by following the 5 easy steps, you can start making money online right now. Don’t hesitate to try this technique. 

    I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.