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Make Money with Google Images - Up to $316 per day - Available Worldwide

12th May 2020 Make Money,Work From Home

In just a moment you will learn how to make BIG money online every day by just using the Google images.

Get ready for a step-to-step tutorial about a completely free method that will help you earn money online worldwide.

How much can you earn? So potentially you can earn up to $35 for 5 Google images, $105 for 15 images, and $315 for 30 Google images per day.

In summary, the three steps that you should follow to start earning money from Google Images are:

  1. Create an Account on Up-4Ever
  2. Find Files & Images
  3. Upload Files & Images

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Create an Account on Up-4Ever

Up-4Ever is a platform where you can upload files and images for free and get paid for that. Sounds cool, right? So when you upload an image or a file for free, and someone downloads it, you are getting paid. 

You can withdraw earned money in many ways using the most popular PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, and many others

STEP 2. Find Files & Images

You can easily find s lot of high-quality images on Google Images. However, as you know that most of the images online may be subject to copyright.

So what you could do is to go to Settings of your search, click on Advanced search. Here you can change Usage rights from a default “not filtered by license” to “free to use or share, even commercially”. In this way, you will be able to upload copyright-free images, and it is an extremely important nuance.

Moreover, you would want to save and rename images properly, so that people can actually find your images, for example, an image of a sunset would have a name “Sunset Wallpaper HD for High Quality”.

STEP 3. Upload Files & Images

It is time to upload your own files and images, but there are two typical mistakes that users make while trying to upload images and files to Up-4ever. 

  • First, it is essential that you don’t upload any files of inappropriate content.
  • Second, when you upload files, make sure you have turned off Adblock.

Furthermore, you will need to add a description to your uploaded image with three keywords. With that example of a sunset, you would add the following keywords: “sunset”, “sunset wallpaper”, “sunset wallpaper HD”. 

Finally, make sure you the setting is public, and then you will be ready to upload the first image. 

Now when anyone downloads your image, you earn money. Great work!

That was only one of many ideas about how to make money online without any extraordinary skills. Stay tuned for more.