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*NEW* Money Making Strategy - Make Money with Selling Logos - Free (Available Worldwide)

27th May 2020 Make Money

Do you have a phone or a computer? I bet you do. That is why you can make money online by using this money-making method that is also available worldwide. Learn how to make up to $500 per day by using either your phone or computer step by step.

In summary, the three steps to implement this money-making strategy:

  1. Create Your Own Logos (Using a Free Tool)
  2. Upload Logos to Sell
  3. Receive Payments

Now let’s begin:

STEP 1. Create Your Own Logos

The website that I want you to use for this method is called FreeLogoServices. Here you can make logos for free in a couple of minutes.

You should click on Make A Logo For Free and choose a category from a huge list of industries, for instance, Animals & Pets, Entertainment, Art & Music, Health Care & Public Safety, etc.

The list of possible logos will be displayed to you immediately, and you will be able to choose up to 3 logo styles

Then you will have to select up to 3 logo fonts and up to 3 logo layouts.

After you are done, you will see almost 10 pages of logo designs that are all different. Here is the time to either save the logos that you like or to edit them.  

You can change the colors, the font, the size, even the initial text, and even more. Just use your imagination, and don’t forget to save your edited logo(s).

  • TIP 1: Create as many logos as you want because it is 100% free.
  • TIP 2: More logos you upload, higher chances your logo will be bought.

When you want to download a logo, you will need to create an account which is completely free. Cool, right?

Let’s imagine that you want to create a logo for a travel agency. You choose the Travel & Hospitality industry. On logo lines that are optional in fact, you would like to write the name of the company like “Sunny Travel” and their slogan “We Love Nature”, and “Travelling”  stands for a type of logo. 

So, you will have the following possible results.

Logos for Travel agency

STEP 2. Upload Logos to Sell

It is time to sell the logos that you have created. The two websites that I will share now are completely free to use

1. 99designs 

On this website, you can actually sell a logo. If you think that you don’t have any experience, money, and needed skills for that, no worries because you will learn a few software to you to create great logos for free.

There, you will be able to sell four different packages of your services for $299, $499, $899, and $1,299. If you sell even the cheapest package three times per month, it is already $897 per month.

To register on 99designs, scroll down, and find Become a designer. You can sign up in a minute.

2. LogoGround

Another website that offers logos for sale, and is your second opportunity to make money online is LogoGround. On average, people sell logos for $300-$500, and you can earn that money too.

What is great about both websites is that you don’t have to do any selling and marketing. If somebody buys your logo, you receive money. It is as simple as that.

To register there, you should go to Sell Logos and create an account. 

Upload your logos and set a price for each logo starting from $150 up to $3,000. Yes, companies buy logos for $3,000. Be sure.

You earn 90% of the price you set, while 6.5% goes to LogoGround, and 3.5% for Processing fees in PayPal, for example.

STEP 3. Receive Payments

When any of your logos are sold, you will receive a notification from the website. You will be able to withdraw your earnings in two ways, PayPal and Payoneer. Good luck!

As you could see, this method doesn’t require any skills and is easy to follow. If you do everything step by step, you will earn a lot of money online with this simple automatic trick. 

I hope this information helps you. Please share it with your family, friends, and social media.