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The Best Website Builders in 2020

I will be talking about the five best website builders you can use to create a professional website in a matter of hours or even less. These are all website builders that are great if you’re looking to make an online presence for your business or a portfolio for yourself in order to earn money online. If you are looking to build only landing pages, then check out the list of best landing page builders.

However, if you want to make a complete website with many pages and posts, it could be intimidating for most people. You might think that you need to know HTML or know how to code. Honestly, it’s easier than ever before.

Now, it is a matter of hours or even less, and you can use any one of these five builders to make a totally professional website that could have a store on there or a blog, you could have people booking for your hotel, restaurants, reserving tables.

Just endless, endless options, and now like for the average small business, you really don’t have to hire anybody to make your website. You can just do it yourself.

In summary, the seven types of income the average millionaire might have are:

  1. Squarespace
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Duda

Now let’s begin:

1. Squarespace

Squarespace is a little bit less popular than Wix and Weebly, but they’ve actually made some pretty big improvements over the last couple of years. That really brought them ahead. Some of the improvements include:

– Squarespace Website Builder and Squarespace Templates

So Squarespace now has some incredible templates. That’s the number one reason. They’re so easy, so bulletproof, and very robust. There are many temples you can choose from. They all are really professional.

You can tweak them as much as you need to make them look like the perfect color, the right pictures, the right logos everywhere, the right text. You can do everything, and it’s a very curated process where at first people do say it’s a little bit intimidating, but in fact, it’s really easy to use.

– Squarespace powerful Features

They also have some really great features in there, including email marketing, you can get a domain, and honestly, it is a little bit more expensive than the other options on this list upfront, but actually Squarespace ends up being cheaper in the end because it does come with so many things that you already need.

So, for example, you can get a domain with it. It’ll come with SSL, but you would otherwise be paying extra for with other builders. It just comes with all the Squarespace packages. So it’s generally the most well-rounded, robust builder out of all of these.

You also have some pretty good SEO, search engine optimization, with Squarespace. So on each individual page, you can choose the right header or the right text that goes below that, and the right URL that you want. So you’re going have a better click-through rate, SEO is really good with Squarespace.

– Squarespace Integrations

Also, on top of that, they have great integrations with social media. So integrating with Instagram, for example, you can sell directly on Instagram with Squarespace. It’s a very powerful thing.

If you’re looking to do e-commerce, that it’s so much more powerful. If you’re able to integrate your products directly on Instagram so that people can just buy it right there, you’re going to find much more success if you are doing that kind of social media marketing.

– Squarespace Website app

On top of that, you do have an app. You can get on your phone to have analytics in there and a lot of other tools that are very useful. When you’re on the go, having the app on your phone is a great way to keep an eye on your website, make sure things are working well.

Squarespace also has some add-ons. It’s not quite as extensive as Wix or Weebly addon library but the add-ons can be fairly useful if you want them.

– High practicality

So on Squarespace, the way you’re basically going to edit is you choose a template, and then you choose each individual little strip that you have a little block, and you can choose different designs for each block.

You could have a picture on one side and text on the other side, and they have many different options for what the layout could be, but you are constrained to only choosing those layouts, which is good and bad.

It’s good because you never have to worry about your website, not looking great or your website not working on different devices. So if somebody is using a phone or a desktop or they are using a projector, you never know what people are going to use for your website, but it’s always going to look good with Squarespace.

2. Wix

If you’re looking to tweak things a little bit more, Wix actually has a much more free experience. So if you’re looking to move things exactly where you want them, Wix is really the option. If you need some extra little fringe apps and add-ons on your website.

Wix is also very good for that. Some great things about Wix Website builder are:

– Wix Freeform Website Builder

On Wix, it’s much more than a freeform editor. You can click and drag things anywhere you want, and because of that, the good is, you can make it look whatever you want. If you want a little picture to be rotated slightly and moved a little bit, you can easily do that with Wix.

On the other hand, the bad part of this, unfortunately, is that if you move things around, you have to be really careful not to have it slightly off the screen. If somebody is using an iPad, for example, you want to make sure that your website works well.

– Wix App market

Wix has its own app market that is very extensive. They have nearly 300 apps, you can really optimize your website, and a lot of the apps are actually made by Wix. They have Wix hotel bookings, Wix restaurant bookings, etc.

So depending on what your business is and what way you make money online, you can use one of these Wix apps and have these extra functions on your website to really amplify how powerful it is and how effective your website is as well without having to go out and get third-party applications or other landing pages for things like that.

– Wix Website SEO

As far as search engine optimization or SEO, Wix actually does something a little bit better.

They have something called Wix SEO which is a very simple process, and you don’t have to go and check each individual page, instead, they walk you through like filling out a job application in a way, where just brings up like the next field is, for example, “Type in this now”, “Type in the next thing”, “Give us an image for this”, and you just follow the instructions and go along as it prompts you to do things. Then, your website is ranking at the top of Google.

– Wix Email marketing

Wix also has really great tools in there, including email marketing tools. They have something called Ascend by Wix.

So Ascend is their own tool that is worth an extra $10 a month. You can do a lot of digital marketing with that, you can manage ads, email marketing, messages, and basically anything else you’re looking to do with digital marketing, you can do with Ascend by Wix.

– Wix Website app

Wix, of course, also does have an app, which is nice for the chat feature on your website. If somebody visits your website, and they want to ask you a question, it’ll give you a notification, and you can really really quickly answer it through the app.

It really improves the user experience if they can send a message and just want instantly, especially with you, the owner of the website. That’s a way that you can really gain a lot more business, especially if you’re looking for lead generation or consulting.

– Other Wix features

Wix also has many more features, including, G-Suite hosting. So if you want to get a domain through Wix, you can. If you want to make an email, you can use Gmail, and then they have something called G-Suite that you can host through Wix.

So you just pay an extra $50 per year, and then you have a professional email that is going to look a lot better when you’re interacting with customers and potential clients.

3. Weebly

In the middle of Squarespace and Wix, you will find Weebly. So it is not necessarily the best at either thing, but it’s a good happy medium for a lot of people out there where you can’t move things anywhere you want on the screen, but it’s still click-and-drag, and it’s going to look on mobile or on a tablet, wherever people use your website.

– Weebly Apps & Addons

Weebly has a lot of apps, nearly 300. Some of them are not quite as good as the Wix apps, but they are still great apps out there. You can use them for countless things such as email, SEO, etc. 300 different apps, you can imagine what the options are there.

– Weebly Website building experience

The website building experience is pretty good. Something Weebly does really well is their navigation. So on the top of the navigation bar of your website, if you have like “About us”, “Blog”, you can have submenus for each of those. So if somebody hovers over “About us”, you can go down and say “Contact us” or anything else.

Then you can also have sub submenus, so somebody hovers over “Contact us”, it can open another menu. So you can have many layers of the menu on there, which is great if you have a website and you’re looking to make 30 or 40 or even more pages.

It’s a great way to navigate around and make a hierarchy of organization for your website.

– Cheapest options

Weebly actually has probably the cheapest options out of these. It also has a free version similar to how Wix has a free version.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy, which is very similar to Weebly, is a little bit less powerful and is a lot more simple. It’s going to be better for people that are looking to just make a website in a very short amount of time, they don’t want any additional apps.

If you just want to make a quick website, it’s going be like a personal portfolio, maybe if you’re trying to make like a resume online or something, then GoDaddy could be a great way to do this.

– Godaddy features

It also has cool features in their built-in, such as the appointment feature. So if you’re looking to have people make appointments with your business, which could be for literally anything, then GoDaddy is still a very viable option for that. It’s definitely not the best for blogging but they do have generally a very similar ecosystem in there like in Weebly.

    5. Duda

    Duda is probably less known out of all five of these. It’s still one that I recommend, but for a slightly different group. It’s definitely better for people who are more like consultants or agencies. If you’re trying to make websites for clients, then Duda might be a good one for you because you can have some other account options on there.

    – Duda Website Builder

    They also have a similar website builder to Weebly and to GoDaddy where it’s click-and-drag, but it’s still kind of snap-to-grid setup.

    Duda overall is generally pretty good especially with multilingual options as well, so you can change languages for different countries, not that you can’t do that with the other ones. You can get an app for Wix that does that very easily but you get the idea that it’s kind of very well integrated with Duda as well.

    So those were the five website builders that I recommend to people that are looking to start a website in 2020. Of course, all of them have paid options. To summarize:

    • If you’re looking to just make a robust website, and it’s just kind of a general-purpose website, you’re not trying to do anything super-advanced, then Squarespace is probably a good option. They have great e-commerce and a great blog option, and they have just a really good website builder setup that is clean and looks very professional, and for most people, it’s going to be exactly what you need.
    • If you’re looking for more freedom, then the answer is probably Wix.
    • If you’re looking for something that’s easier to make or a little bit more of a hybrid between the two of those, then Weebly, GoDaddy or Duda are really the other three options you should be looking at.

    I hope you found this information hopeful. If you did so, please share it with your family, friends, and social media.